May 31, 2008

Costly theft at GO station

I found the following letter to the editor interesting. I, myself am a victim of car theft from the Pickering Go Station. It occurred in December of 2006. The car has never been found.

To the editor:

Do you need a good reason to take public transit to the GO station?

On May 9 I found a good reason. The catalytic converter was sawed off and stolen from my vehicle's undercarriage. Two other vehicle owners were also victimized. This happened between 7 a.m. and 4 p.m. in broad daylight.

Police tell me that this is now a common auto part to steal. If GO Transit has surveillance measures in place they truly need improvement. How about a real person walking around looking and listening? Free parking at the GO is not worth the hundreds of dollars of insurance policy deductible this cost me, not to mention the aggravation of towing and a rental car. Since the cost of my claim was well over $2,000 this must affect all drivers' insurance rates.

For the 65-cent co-fare and peace of mind, I'll take the bus.

Audrey Ansell


Theft is happening at the Go stations more than people realize. The stations are a place of safety for car thieves. Now it looks like they are willing to spend the extra time to remove expensive parts.

Cars parked in isolated and remote areas are very attractive to car thieves. Don't encourage them further by leaving valuables on view. Lock them in the trunk and take credit cards, cheque books and any cash with you.

Costly theft at GO station.

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Anonymous said...

The price of gas may be another reason not to leave your car in the Go station. Fuel theft is on the rise and your big SUV has a nice fuel supply for someone.