May 6, 2008

Are you confused?

On May 2, I was waiting for a DRT bus at the Ajax plaza. I decide to check if the posted information about the bus schedules was up to date. Below you can see from the photo that DRT is still advertising the dial a bus service. On Monday, Dec. 4, 2006, Durham Region Transit implement new fixed route service replacing the former Dial-a-Bus service. Is it also time to replace the posted information? Yes.



Brian said...

This should have been done...long ago, those outdated schedules are still at the Pickering town center and in other INFOPOSTS around various routes. They must know about it, but only one word cand describe DRT right now...Lazy!

Nick J Boragina said...

It’s things like this that show that DRT is still not yet a mature system. When a system crosses the line it’s not always clear, but it is clear when a system is a mature system. Take for example the TTC, while it has it’s issues, no one would argue that it is not a mature system. Clearly marked bus stops, with schedules at major stops, buses that run often (15 minutes, which is seen as a low headway in the 905, is seen as a high headway in the 416) and efforts made to have correct information. Regardless, the TTC suffers from it’s own problems, specifically in terms of out-dated, and the lack of simple signage. Mississauga is also a mature system, while Brampton crossed the line some time in the past few years, and is now also a mature system. YRT is perhaps the most remarkable case of all. I rode a non-viva YRT bus today and was shocked to be greeted by an automatic announcement. YRT has maps on all buses, and the VIVA station now displays the time to the next few buses (not just the next few VIVA buses) YRT clearly is a mature system, while DRT is not. The question then becomes… why?

The answer to that is really simple. YRT wants to be a mature system. The York Region has made a conscious decision to invest in public transit. Not just to invest money – something that is comparatively easy to do – but to invest time and effort. These two things are what holds DRT back most; it seems as if public transit in the Durham region is almost an afterthought. I can understand why many would think this way given the nature of Durham, but then look at the nature of the York Region back in 2001. Transit has helped to shape the York Region, and while it might have been an afterthought back when YRT was founded, now YRT is seen as just another part of the community.

Watching the history of DRT is very frustrating. Toronto and Mississauga are developed, and Brampton and the York Region are quickly filling up. Transit and transportation options in these areas are limited by decisions made in the past. Durham, however, is ripe with opportunities for the picking. DRT really needs to begin to take itself seriously, or it will find that the problems it is today will never go away.

Anonymous said...

What department is responsible?
Operations? Customer Service? Marketing?
Operations may not have the fuel cost in their budget to address this issue. Customer Service or Marketing would recieve mileage to and from all locations paid by the region (you and I).
For any and all of us who work for DRT (i.e the Region), know full well that NOTHING happens quickly! Unfortunately this is not just isolated to DRT, it pretty much is all departments of the Region, or so the rumour goes.
Can anything be done? What if the Chairman's position was elected? Surely then there would be accountability for EVERYTHING the Region does or does not do.

Anonymous said...

Some customer service they have. Frustrating for everyone. Phffff what else is new.