Apr 26, 2008

TTC workers reject deal

Yesterday, members of ATU Local 113 rejected a tentative contract deal by 65 per cent of the votes cast. Fearing for the safety of their members the union order service off the road at midnight.

It is expected that the Ontario Legislature will be sitting on Sunday, to pass back to work legislation. Regardless of which political party is in power, this has been the norm of Ontario governments since 1974. Is time to declare the TTC an essential service? Do the we always have to wait until they strike then force them back work? Which way is it Dalton McGinty?

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Mé said...

I do admire the drivers who have to multitask--driving safely, collecting fares, ensuring the safety of the passengers.

I do think that had the TTC union given 48 hours notice of a strike, the province would pass a bill on Sunday to order the workers to remain at work.

Depending on the mood of the drivers, I don't think service on Monday will be normal. They may decide not to wear the full uniform. They may be extra cautious in traffic such as refusing to make a right turn on a red light after stopping. The may check every cash fare, transfer, and transit pass diligently. Service may slow down.