Apr 10, 2008

Transit Windsor

DRT is in the process of a bus fleet replacement. It turns out that Transit Windsor recently bought five old buses from Durham Regional Transit at a scrap metal price of $1,100 each. One of those will become the replacement for bus 504, which was involved in a collision last year and later decommissioned. The other buses will serve as future replacements or will be used for spare parts. It brings to mind an old saying. One man's junk is another man's treasure.

Follow up to my post on reduced student fares for March break: Transit Windsor's March break fare reduction for high school and elementary school students was a success. Administration reported an overall ridership increase of about 40 per cent during the week of March 9 to 16, when a student bus ride was reduced to $1. The suggestion to reduce the fare was made by the Transit Windsor student ambassadors who wanted to encourage youth to use public transit. The program was advertised in schools, on the radio and in the newspaper. More than 9,000 student cash fares were provided this March break, compared to about 6,500 last year.

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