Mar 4, 2008

Out with the old and in with the new

Flag bus ELF In 1992 Ajax Transit introduced a community bus service which became known as "The Flag Bus". Passengers are able to flag down the bus at any safe location along the route. The photo on the left is the brand new flag bus in 1992. This type of bus were known as ELF's. That stands for extremely low floor. There is nothing in DRT's bus fleet that needs replaced more than the ELFS.

030308-Flag_2008 The first of the newest version of the "Flag Bus", pictured on the right will arrive at Durham Region Transit this week. It is expected to be in service late March or early April. The bus is a 30 foot Eldorado National EZ Rider II with a Cummins ISB 6 litre engine and 5 speed Allison B300R transmission. It is air-conditioned and meets the more stringent current emission requirements. There is capacity for up to 3 mobility aid devices with ramps at both front and rear doors. It will replace one of the current ELF units on the Flag bus service.


Simon Tonekham said...

I hope that the new buses will fit into the flag bus service.

Occasionally, I saw a few Handi-trans (specialized services) bus that were used in the flag bus service when some of the ELFs are taken into maintenance.

The problem is, passengers realized that there were no "stop requested" cords so they have to call out the driver to stop (it's like in Hong Kong, when in public light buses, you have to call the driver if you want to stop at a place - as long as it's safe).

I'm looking forward on having the new buses on the road soon.

Adeel Siddiqui said...

wow. thats a pretty slick lookn bus. these buses would be great if DRT makes community buses feed into the "base grid". i really want to see DRT use these buses going through subdivisions and communities and feed the passengers to the "base grid routes" which would almost look like whitby and oshawas routes. re-routing seriously needs to take place in pickering and ajax which is unfortunatly plagued by poorly planned subdivisions.

Nick J Boragina said...

ah, I was waiting for news of this. I heard that DRT was having trouble finding a 30ft bus maker that was able/willing to put a ramp in the back.

Andy said...

The problem with ELFs is the amount of maintenance that is needed to keep them in service. In my humble opinion DRT would be better off replacing everyone of them. There are no backup ELFs therefore you will see a handi-trans bus when one is taken off the road. They are not suitable for flag bus operation. This also adds to the confusion of intending passengers.