Feb 27, 2008

Service delays

112302-sheppard-subway013The TTC claims it's subway system is suffering from delays due to passenger illness. In order to ease this problem they are going to try a paramedic pilot project. This project would see paramedics on standby at one station (possibly Yonge and Bloor) for the trial period. If successful, the paramedics could be placed at up to 10 stations.

GO+602+Feb+16-2008Go transit is plagued with delays on it’s Lakeshore Go Train route and Tuesday February 26, was no exception. One of their new $5-million locomotives broke down in the area of Whites Rd. in Pickering. This resulted in a delay of an hour or more. That in turn gave DRT a busier than usual rush hour. Is it possible for Go Train service to ruin their reputation any more than it is?

In the city of Ottawa the OC Transpo officials and the Amalgamated Transit Union are having a war of words over service delays. One of the reasons cited by OCt_busmanagement is the number of drivers who are off on long-term disability. Amalgamated Transit Union 279, criticized the city for blaming drivers for the bus shortage. The real problem is not enough buses. Almost every day of the week at least 10 drivers are left behind at city garages because there aren't enough buses, because so many are being repaired. A new multi-million dollar transit garage expected to be built next year will help alleviate some of the maintenance pressure.

OC Transpo are also hiring additional drivers to combat the massive amount of overtime drivers are accumulating, to make up for the lack of drivers. Two years ago, the city's auditor general singled out OC Transpo and the amount of overtime it was being forced to pay. At the time, the city vowed to address the issue.

Three different transit companies, three different service problems and only two offering solutions. Go Transit is the odd person out.

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