Feb 28, 2008

Peterborough to Toronto high speed rail line

I find it interesting that Federal Finance Minister Jim Flaherty announced funding for a high speed rail service between Toronto and Peterborough. At first it seemed strange to me. Via Rail used to run a passenger service to Peterborough that was discontinued in 1990 due to high cost. So what did the federal government see in this routing? 

I couldn’t figure it out until I checked out the present rail route on Google maps. That is when it became perfectly clear. This route will pass directly through the airport lands in Pickering.

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Is this the plan? I think so. This is confirmed in an article that I republished on January 6, 2007. In his recent visit Jim Flaherty made a $2.5 million contribution to the Regional Municipality of Durham for the development of a long-term transit strategy. This money is also to be used in the extension of Highway 407 east to Highway 35/115. The 407 is a perfect connection to the present Pearson Airport. It also connects to the 404 Hwy. for downtown Toronto.

Everything is getting in place for an airport. The local and provincial politicians are now demanding jobs in Seaton before housing. They would like to see 35,000 jobs in place. An airport and it’s spin off industry would employ a lot of people.

The residents of Ajax are not exempt from the fallout from the Pickering airport. The flight path is directly over the town. 

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    Anonymous said...

    I don't think it is "High Speed" as in the different type of train- it is Higher speed then the 30km/h currently run for freight.

    My friends in Peterborough are very happy about and have been involved with lobbying for it when it was the Liberal working on it.

    I would hate for it be lost in a political bungle.

    I just hope it has nothing to do with the airport. I would prefer the gov;t fun rail and transit over highways and airports.


    Andy said...

    I just thought it was a good analysis on my part. The only other answer was that it was politics.
    They still have to get an airport built That could be a good fight for you since the planes will be going directly over your house. I don't think we need a airport in the east end of the GTA. Lets get the housing built in Seaton first then we will have more people on our side.

    Nick J Boragina said...

    IMHO this is all about GO and nothing to do with "high speed" connections. VIA might run this for a year or two, but this havelock line is part of Move Ontario 2020, where the plan is to build train stations in northern Pickering, Whitby, and Oshawa to take some of the pressure off the Lakeshore East line and to give those in the (more northern) new neighbourhoods of durham a shorter drive (or bus ride) to the GO station. The airport is a big part of it, but so are the other stations that will be built along the way.

    Andy said...

    Nick... it's only my humble opinion also. Bus driver's have a different way of looking at things than the decision makers. The people in charge of planning have to appease their political masters with what looks like low cost. This results in things like the University subway line in Toronto.
    Their has already been discussions about a Go Station at Brock and Taunton Rds. in Pickering. This high speed route is further north and will service the airport, the Seaton community and north Durham much better. Peterborough would get a bonus from it.

    Justin said...

    This is another example of politics making a hash of transit priorities.

    Anonymous said...

    I wonder if there is a payback some how from the consortium owning the 407 who got a sweet deal from Flaherty and his crew in their original purchase of this asset. If Flaherty guarantees the infrastructure gets put in place, will he see 300,000 in brown envelopes in a few years?