Feb 15, 2008

GO Transit Rider Launches Petition

One Oakville woman is fed up with constant delays and wants GO to do something about it. Pat Eales makes the trip in to Toronto everyday and she says she's often late for work or getting home at night because of some trouble on the GO train. She says anything that could go wrong, usually does; switcher problems, door troubles, equipment problems, and it's been especially bad over the last few weeks.

Eales has launched an on line petition and she hopes other GO riders get on board and make their voices heard. Fare Rebate request to GO transit

She says she's pushing for some kind of fare rebate when there are delays or cancellations, and better notification of them.

GOsnowOne thing about transit is that it is not an exact science. There are too many things that could happen to delay your trip. Most of them are out of the control of the service provider. Weather is the number one item. It can and will slow down any mode of transit. That is the number two reason, why I prefer a subway system over a exterior mode such as the SRT.

In June of 2008, Bombardier will be responsible for train operations and train crew management, for most of Go Train routes. It is my understanding that Bombardier will be held responsible for some delays. For example, if a train cannot run because a crew member does not show up for work, Bombardier would have to pay a financial penalty.

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Anonymous said...

Good one. Go for it.

Adrian said...

All I can say is I disagree with her idea. I don't think GO Transit needs something like this to deal with while trying to keep service running on day when weather is bad. I take GO Transit everyday, and I have been delayed, but to me I don't see how anyone can think train service would not be disrrupted on days of bad weather. GO Transit does a pretty good job at maintaining operations. At times I am disapointed with customers' lack of understanding during times like this, and have grown tired of the groans, sarcastic remarks, and overal uneducated statements made by them. But after all the groaning and the comments are probably made by the same people who put their feet on the seats, crowd doorways, and sit on the stairs.

Andy said...

Adrian, you are right. As I said in my post there are too many things that can and will go wrong.
There are some service delays that can be fixed. Go Transit needs a trouble shooting committee that should be looking into the delays to see if they are preventable.