Feb 12, 2008

GO service to Barrie roaring success

One good thing about Durham Region is that it is surrounded by transit operators that have success stories...

Less than two months after it restored service to Barrie, GO Transit says the customer base has already matured.

"The parking lot is full," GO managing director Gary McNeil told the board of directors yesterday.

The new Barrie station has 480 parking spaces. Before relaunching Barrie service in December, GO officials thought it would likely take months for that to happen.

The service was returned about a decade after provincial cutbacks forced GO to close the Barrie line.

Now the transit company is discussing with the city the possibility of re-opening the old Barrie Allendale station. But it isn't expected the move would grow a lot of new ridership, said McNeil, because its parking facilities are so limited.

I should also mention, that Go transit is also very successful within Durham region. They have been increasing service while DRT is in the cut back mode. Let me stress that the cut backs are not due to the DRT management team. If you have read my previous post on this matter you know my feelings on this.
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