Feb 20, 2008

Bus service cut to Legends Centre questioned

Another person that is not happy with the service cuts at Durham Region Transit.

To the editor:

It is understandable that with a $2.5-million deficit facing Durham Regional Transit, some non-profitable route-cutting would take place. However, sometimes service must take precedence over dollars.

Durham Regional Transit discontinued service between the hours of 9:45 a.m. and 2:45 p.m. -- a five-hour span -- to the Legends Centre in Oshawa.

Attendance at the centre is 1,500 per day, with 700 to 900 arriving between 6 a.m. and 4 p.m. The majority of patrons during that time use the library, seniors centre, pool and fitness centre. Only one pad of hockey is usually in use during that time.

Programs for the seniors centre are time-related, as are many at the library and pool. For programs finishing before noon, it is at least a three-hour wait to get a returning bus. For programs beginning at 1 p.m., one has to arrive three hours early.

The Legends Centre was recently given an award for being one of the top architectural recreation centres in North America. To not have bus service for a five-hour core period is unacceptable and detracts from the professional image the centre projects.

Bus service continues to Wal-Mart, one kilometre south of the Legends. I would question how much was saved by discontinuing the north leg to the centre four times a day versus service denied to this excellent facility.

Gord Reid


Now for the flip side of the coin...

To the editor:

Re: Councillors vote to keep transit cuts, Feb. 17.

My hat is off to those councillors who voted against restoring mid-day transit routes.

This has been a pet peeve for me for a long time whenever I see the transit buses around Oshawa at many different times of the day with only one person on board.

It troubles me that the transit system folks are always asking for more money from the rest of us who choose not to use it.

I say congratulations to those who opposed the motion and maybe there should be a closer look taken at some of the other routes around this city, especially during the evenings when I do not see any more than one or two riders on those big buses.

Guy LaHaye


Keeping transit cuts earns kudos.

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