Feb 13, 2008

$50,000 a cheap fix

Newspaper "quote"

On the issue of Durham Region Transit reducing the mid-day service on a south Ajax route, Coun. Crawford questioned how to return service to the previous level.

"Get council to support you," Mr. Anderson said, adding it would cost about $50,000 to return the service to the previous level.

In all, four routes were reduced and Mr. Anderson stated if one was returned, there would be political pressure to have all of them reinstated.

"You have to be prepared to spend $200,000 for all the routes to come back in," Mr. Anderson said.

Ward 3 local Councillor Joanne Dies said the reduction affects 2,050 homes and "during the day, they're cut off from the community."

When Coun. Dies asked how the route could be reinstated, Mr. Anderson said, "Money is all it takes."

That is one of the items that was brought up to the Durham Region chairman, Roger Anderson in his annual address to Ajax council on Monday. For about $50,000 and council's support, service could be restored to the Duffins M-26 routing. Again it all boils down to political will.

Council implemented the access pass. This was done at a loss of revenue to DRT. Nice to see that they are willing to reduce fares then cut service to pay for it.

Meanwhile The News Advertiser have given attention to the people on the Duffins route that are in need of consideration. The seniors seem to be the ones effeced the most.

It was interesting to watch the TTC handle their shortfall in a much different way. They were able to do it without service cuts.

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