Jan 22, 2008

New GO Locomotive

New GO LocomotiveFive new GO locomotives are making their way to the GO Rail Willowbrook Maintenance Facility in Mimico for commissioning and testing in the next few weeks. Units will be shipped by UP and the CPR. The 600 possibly shipped by CNR.

Shipments were delayed from September 2007 pending several road tests of the 602. Technical bugs which had plagued the 602 have been reportedly worked-out, and modifications done to the others by the builder. Delivery of the first of the remaining 26 locomotives to begin immediately from Motive Power Industries in Boise, Idaho.

GO indicated that it will be introducing the first of these new locomotives into regular service sometime in March, operating on the Lakeshore and Milton routes. GO has been testing and working-out several technical bugs on the 602 for the past few months.

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