Jan 2, 2008

My first rant of 2008

It really bother me when I see an issue of road safety taken very lightly. This one, concerns an article in the Metroland Media Group Ltd better known in Pickering as The News Advertiser.

The City of Pickering has purchased two LED solar powered radar boards. The follow is a quote from Mayor Dave Ryan that explains what the signs will do. “What this board does is it doesn’t tell you how fast you’re going, it tells you you’re going too fast and that the speed limit is 50 kilometers per hour,” said Mayor Ryan.

Another quote… “This is an area known for speed and, unfortunately, we’ve had a number of accidents,” said Mayor Dave Ryan.

The purpose of these signs? The City is hoping to see a decrease in the accident rate along the stretch of road, said the mayor. If it does, council will consider purchasing radar boards for other areas.

After admitting that…

  1. Drivers are going too fast

  2. The area area is known for speed

  3. There has been a number of accidents…

This is the best that our council will do? I’m sure that the speeders and the careless drivers will be happy know that they will still be able to get away with it. A sign that tells them that they are bad boys and girls. This is nothing more than salad dressing. Underneath the dressing is the same old ineffective way of dealing with traffic violations.

The police keep on saying that drivers don’t seem to be getting the message but our councillors still just want to send a message. A solar powered message at that!

A large portion of Durham Region’s budget goes towards policing. When it comes to traffic enforcement we are not getting a bang for our bucks. More police officers are needed for real enforcement. I for one am fed up with having to drive on roads with drivers that… 

  1. Drive past a stopped school bus with it’s red flashing lights on.

  2. Running red lights

  3. Refusing to stop at stop signs.

  4. Speeding at high rates.

  5. Racing to cut off other drivers.

I could go on but if you are a driver you get the point. We have too many people dying on our roads. It’s time for action not solar powered radar signs.

I think right about now, you are asking, what has this has to do with transit? Safe roads and transit are good combination. This is important to bus drivers, especially when they have to spend eight hours or more driving with some of these losers that are behind the wheel. Transit drivers are highly trained in defensive driving. This is when you watch out for the other guy.

There does not have to be a collision to have accident. Just being cut off and having to slam the brakes on to avoid one, can cause passenger injuries on a bus. The bus driver also, is not exempt from injuries. When you are out there on the roadways day after day you soon realize that something more than solar signs are needed. Let’s get to work and get these extremely unpleasant and inferior drivers off the road.


Karem Allen said...

Thanks for that.

Here is something else to think about. How many dump trucks have been involved in fatal or very bad accidents in Durham?

I did not believe it until I saw it, I heard the rumours but what I have seen is, these trucks are in stretches of 2 lights and what happend was they finally got up to speed and the 2nd light is turning on them--- they blow through it and do not stop. I was heading north on Brock Road to the 407 and at the 407 I was next to one and it did not stop -- that light was yellow and he was back far enough but kept going.

I have heard about them honking horns on Lakeridge to inform motorists they have no plans of stopping.

Everyone seems to think speed limits are suggestions and lights are optional.

Who are these Dump Truck drivers and why do they think they can get away with this?


Andy said...

Karem you are right. When I used to drive the bus on Westney Road North there were a number of large trucks on the road. They were traveling at very high rates of speed. I always wondered if they would be able to stop in an emergency. All you have to do is read about the accidents in the newspaper to realize they can't. When we have politicians that are happy with unmanned warning signs, don't expect anything serious to be done.