Jan 22, 2008

More TTC violence

The same day that the Toronto Star newspaper released it’s report about TTC drivers suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder another driver has been assaulted. This driver was spit on and physical abused by three punks.

These thugs, attempted to board the southbound bus on Donlands Ave. near Sammon Ave. These guys decided they were special and did not have to pay a fare. The driver asked for fares and in turn, before leaving the bus they spat on the driver.

The bus proceeded south and within a short time it returned north. The three aggressive young men had now crossed the street and again made an attempt to board the bus. This time these cruel and vicious punks kicked, hit and attempted to drag the driver off the bus. Police showed up and after a pursuit one arrest was made.

All this happened because these thugs wanted to ride for free on a TTC bus? I think not… this happened because our politicians are not doing enough to combat crime.

When this driver returns to work he has to face the fact, that he will more than likely meet up these three thugs again. Remember, one was arrested and two got away. The one that was arrested has been or will be released very shortly. It’s no wonder that TTC drivers suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder.

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