Jan 27, 2008

Mid-day service is a slipping and sliding

The more I think about the service cuts and changes that have been made the more I think that DRT is going in the wrong direction. Daytime service to the GO train is declining further and certain sections of Ajax and Pickering have very little or no service during the daytime hours.

Regarding the GO train, Midday Route 7 is now among those routes that can no longer be guaranteed to make it to the train on time. This is a major problem for these riders because they cannot take an earlier bus in order to make the train like some other routes can during the day as they only have hourly service. If someone wants a 1:00 p.m. train for example, they have to take a bus that leaves the Pickering Town Centre at 11:25 a.m. in order to guarantee that they get to the 1:00 p.m. train on time. Otherwise if they miss a train, they will have an hour wait for the next one but unfortunately if they take an earlier train, they will be an hour early for whatever it is they are doing.

Other routes that run 30 minute service that are gambles on catching the train are the midday Route 18 (Beach), Route 20 (Westney), both in Ajax, and the midday Route 2A/12 & the midday Route 2/11 in Pickering. Passengers who ride some of these routes are advised to take a bus 30 minutes earlier to ensure they catch their train.


Anonymous said...

Regarding the Mid-day service article, having cut out the Mid-day Duffins was bad enough, taking away the ability for those folks to get a bus anywhere without a long walk. But they added to the problem by rerouting the Mid-day Harwood and now anyone wanting to get to the GO Station from the southwest end of Ajax has to take the Harwood that leaves on the hour and wait almost 30 minutes once they get to the station as the 1/2 hour departures don't return to the station in time to get the train.
They have also rerouted the Harwood so that to get to the Ajax hospital, a popular destination, one has to ride almost the whole route to get there.
If they keep this up they will be driving people away from transit and into their vehicles. These changes have certainly not been attractive to anyone.

Anonymous said...

Regarding the Mid-Day service comment, can anyone confirm that the other day, because the Separate School Board schools had exams and were getting out earlier in the day, the schedule for Dunbarton High School Route 12 was moved ahead 10 minutes and 20 or more students were left waiting for a bus that had already gone by because they were not aware of the schedule change?
This is hard to believe.

Anonymous said...

I live on Altona Road, and take the R7 to get to Pickering Go Station. I agree with the "midday service is slipping" problem because the bus is ALWAYS late, and when it does come on time, I have to RUN for the go train once we arrive at Pickering Go. I liked the old service better when we had the R7 running from the Go Station to Pickering Town since passengers do not need to wait and make a transfer at Pickering Town Centre like now. Since i commute from Toronto on a daily basis and heads back up to Pickering during the midday time, at a normal trip, (back when R7 operated from Pickering Go), would just take 15 minutes to get home, but now, it takes at least a minimum of 1HR to get back. I believe Either they insert another route like a midday R9 for Rouge Hill Go, which would benefit those in the West end to the train or make R7 a frequent service like R 2A/12 and all the other runs that run every 30 minutes. at the time being, i now leave early, and take the GO Bus to Pickering Town Centre and Transfer onto the R2 to get to the train station... If the R2 "runs" early, then i'm stuck at Pickering Town for a good whole 30 mins for the next bus to come....