Dec 17, 2007

Mississauga’s BRT funding not there?

Back in March 2007 Prime Minster Harper annouced, that the Federal Goverment had entered into a partnership, with the Province of Ontario that saw close to $4.5 billion in spending that was ear-marked for public transit in the GTA. Now it’s December and Mississauga’s still has not seen any of the promised cash flow from the Feds. The province has come forward with its share, of $270 million. The problem is so serrious that Mayor Hazel McCallion is ready to accept a staff recommendation to place the BRT project on hold.

Is this a sign of what is going to happen to the rest of GTA transit projects? Thanks to Hazel, maybe not. Her comments were heard by federal Transport Minister Lawrence Cannon. He has since assured the Mayor that cheque is in the mail. He also sent her tongue lashing and said that Hazel’s comments were “misleading and ill-informed.”

Way to to go Hazel!

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