Dec 16, 2007

Go Transit's double decker bus

The double decker buses are on the way. These buses are expected to be delivered before the Spring of 2008 and will likely be used on the 407 and 403 Hwys. service. The buses will be equipped with two wheelchair positions.

The estimated seating capacity:

  • Upper deck 46

  • Lower deck 29

  • Wheelcairs 2


Sharjeel said...

I saw this news on GO transit's website. I don't know why but i am a bit excited to finally see double deckers here! Theyre a rare sight in north america.

Andy said...

Let's hope that someone has checkout all of the underpasses and over hangs on the routes.

amer gill said...

I am so happy with the new double decker buses addition in go transit I wish if other transits follow the go transit so we can reduce pollution and trafic on the roads

Andy said...

Glad to hear you are happy with the double decker bus. Yes it does reduce pollution but that was not the reason Go Transit has them on the road. Does it really all boil down to $$$? According to this article from, they are suggesting that we are just not doing enough to fight climate change.
What it will really take to stop global warming?

What it will really take to stop global warming?

Ivan said...

Was the picture taken in the UK?
I've read news about the double-decker but they only mentioned the seating capacity, but never the standing capacity. I'm an immigrant from Hong Kong and 99% of the buses there are double-deckers, and there is actually a standing (and seating) capacity marked on every bus.