Dec 28, 2007

Barrie Go Train service returns

I have been excited about the return of the Go Train service to the City of Barrie, Ontario. The first day of service began on December 17, 2007. This was the day after a major snow storm wreaked havoc on Southern Ontario. I thought the storm would have thrown the shedules into disorder. According to Scott McCrindle’s web page… “despite a technical issue with the automated ticket vending machine, the first trip was smooth and comfortable. For a 5:43am departure, the train was relatively full.”

Would it be safe to say that Go Transit saves all of the delays for the Lakeshore service? (smile)

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Anonymous said...

Yes that surprised me also, why did Barrie the day after a storm not have any problems? New switches by chance?

Makes ya think!

Anonymous said...

I lived and grew up in Hamilton up until Nov, 2006.
Delays and canceling Trains is GO TRANSIT's idea of decent service on the Lakeshore West line, hope this does not happen to Barrie....

I now live in Toronto, so no more Lakeshore west for me very often.