Dec 20, 2007

Go, or no Go?

With a strike looming, will Premier Dalton McGuinty permit Local 1587 of the Amalgamated Transit Union to carry out it’s threat of strike action against Go Transit? The only way to prevent that now would be for both sides to return to the bargaining table and hammer out a solution. If the strike occurs would the McGuinty government order the workers back to work and into binding arbitration?

In 1974, all three unions went on strike against the TTC. It began on August 12 and ended on September 3. Premier Bill Davis convened the Legislature, passing a bill to enforce arbitration and an end to the strike. Since that time, this has been the policy of the government, regardless of which political party is in charge. It has never been done any where else in the province except in the city of Toronto. Will Go Transit emplyees face the same fate? A strike has been unprecedented in the 28 years the union has represented GO workers.

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Simon said...

Strike Date by GO Transit workers will take place on January 7th, 2008.

Information about the strike in my own perspective can be found here:

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