Dec 4, 2007

Durham Region Transit service reductions

Effective January 1, 2008 DRT will be slashing service. It was mentioned in the 2007 budget that low performing runs would be reduced or removed. Most of the reductions will take place in Ajax and Pickering. According to DRT’s web page they still have to finalize the changes. That astonishes me because the run guides are already post in the work locations for drivers to select their work. Expect to see some minor changes to the routing of some of runs. The M3 Amberlea weekday mid day and Saturday, R10 and M10 Ajax and the M26 Duffins mid day services will be eliminated.

There are only two things that surprise me about the cuts. The first one would be the elimination of the M-26 Duffins. Number two... I am amazed that the R-29 Elm and mid day Elm survived the cuts.

Personally I believe, DRT should present some facts as to why the cuts were necessary.

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