Dec 12, 2007

Bus pilot program to continue

The pilot program that gets children to school on public transit at a discounted rate has been extended.

In June, Regional Council approved a Durham District School Board bus pass pilot program on a three-month basis. It began in October, but Durham Region Transit's (DRT) general manager, Ted Galinis, recommended to the transit executive committee that it be extended.

"We need more time to make sure everything is in order before we make a full commitment," he said.

The project was extended to coincide with the conclusion of the school year. DRT staff will evaluate the bus pass in the 2008 transit servicing and financing study. If it isn't being used, the pilot project will be cancelled.

"A six-month extension will allow us to better evaluate the program," Mr. Galinis said. "But, it appears to be going very well."

The program lets the public school board purchase discounted, bulk rate restricted student passes for DRT. The Catholic school board already has a deal with DRT and purchases nearly 5,000 passes a month.

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