Dec 12, 2007

The Auditor General's criticism of Go Transit

The Auditor General of Ontario audits the province's financial statements and value for money oriented audits of selected government activities annually, in accordance with generally accepted auditing standards. This type of financial audit is known as an attest audit. After his audit, the Auditor General expresses an opinion on the financial statements of the province.

Jim McCarter, the Auditor General has come up with a report that points out an unacceptable pattern of service delays that Go Transit is providing it’s customers on the Go Train routes. His report does not give an account of anything that Go train customers were not aware of. Mr. McCarter is a infrequent user of Go Train service and has personal experience of some of the long delays of the daily commute.

We can only hope that something good will come from his report. If the delays in service continue, Go will end up driving away more passengers than it attracts.

The good news: It was pointed in the Auditor General’s that an audit by the American Public Transportation Association, did provide an overall positive opinion on the safety and security of GO Transit’s operations.

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