Nov 16, 2007

What's Cooking?

If you are public transit user in Kilmarnock Scotland, the answer would be cooking oil. Stagecoach, one of UK’s largest transit bus, train, and intercity coach operators has eight buses in Kilmarnock that will run on 100% biodiesel fuel.

All Passengers on the Service 1 route, will be able to trade in used cooking oil for reduced fares. They will receive a free container to recycle their used cooking oil. It can then be taken to East Ayrshire Council’s recycling plant at Western Road, entitling customers to a voucher for money off their bus travel. the scheme featuring the eight bus fleet, aims to cut harmful emissions by more than 80%. The initiative will run for the next six months and operators hope it could roll out nationwide.

This does not eliminate the need for a diesel engine. For the first 10 minutes of the morning, the buses run on diesel until normal engine operating temperature is reached and then the system automatically switches over to bio-diesel, which powers the vehicles all day.

The UK Government is encouraging the use of renewable fuels as part of its drive to cut carbon emissions.

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