Nov 23, 2007

'Car sewers' not the answer to gridlock

Rather than simply widening existing roads, a plan prepared for the Town suggests getting more people out of their cars and using other transportation methods.

This is an interesting article. Will Ajax council finally wake up to the fact that when building new subdivisions they might also need a transit plan in mind?

"Roads aren't just car sewers, but opportunities to be multi-modal," Tyrone Gan, of iTrans Consulting said, adding the focus shouldn't just be on "carrying the maximum number of cars, but carrying the maximum number of people. There's an opportunity for HOV lanes in Ajax and outside Ajax."

The roadways in Durham Region have not been designed with public transit in mind. Without a decent grid system it becomes difficult for Durham Region Transit to incorporate bus routes that take people directly to where they want to go. In Ajax and Pickering the road layout ends up becoming a transit planner’s nightmare.

One thing that the report does not take into account, is that shopping should be close to home. The residents in the Audley south and Ajax north areas have no local shopping available. There is not even a convenient store within walking distance.

The article posted on has some interesting things to say.

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