Nov 8, 2007

Bus drivers declare Nov. 7 worst traffic day ever.

Bus drivers in Durham have said that the morning rush hour of November 7 turn out to be the worst traffic day ever. It all started with an overnight drop in temperatures to a few degrees below zero. This cause a number of road surfaces on the over passes to freeze up. Icing at the Rouge River bridge on the 401 hwy. is believed to be a factor in an accident that closed the westbound lanes. This incident occurred around 5 am. This in turn caused a backup of the local artery streets of Ajax and Pickering.

Every bus driver with Durham Region Transit that I had conversation with, have confirmed that this has been the worst traffic day that they had ever seen. This was not a jam up caused by weather but rather the closure of a major express highway. It became impossible for DRT and Go Transit buses to maintain a schedule.

This must of been a change for Go train passengers that have become used of train delays. This time Go was on time but the customers were not able to get to train station on time.

It just goes to show, how important the 401 hwy. has become in keeping traffic off the local roadways. One of the shortfalls of the City of Toronto has been the lack of expressways that move traffic in and out of a city.

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