Oct 25, 2007

TTC takeover

Will the Ontario Government take over the TTC? Is it a rumor or fact? What ever the outcome, this is not the first time something like this has happened.

Not so long ago, the TTC used to have a subsidiary known as Gray Coach Lines (GCL). It was a bus company that used inter-urban coaches to link Toronto to outlying areas throughout Southern Ontario. It was run very successfully by the TTC.

On September 8, 1970 Go Transit took over Gray Coach Lines commuter routes. TTC and GCL under contract provided the drivers. During the 1980's GO transit assumed complete responsibility for suppling buses and it's own drivers. Gray Coach was eventually sold in 1989 to Stagecoach Holdings of Scotland. They in turn down sized operations and sold the remaining routes to Greyhound in 1992.

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