Oct 6, 2007

Tell me WHY?

I’m sorry to hear that the so called "pedestrian accident" of October 3, on the Via tracks near the Exhibition has turned out to be suicide. It’s sad when people run out of hope that they become so desperate that they have to end their gift of life.

This in turn sent Go transit into a tail spin. I really don’t understand how or why Go handles problems that delay trains. This incident occurred west of Union Station. This prevented or slowed trains from moving east or west through that area.

It would seem to me that the trains that were east of Union could still operate. Surely they could have operated west into Union. Once there, they could have off loaded anyone that wish to travel further west. Then using a track cross over the Go trains could have headed back east. This would have kept service operating in the east.

I know I don’t have the big picture… but was there really a need to shutdown or delay the entire Go Train system?

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Andrae Griffith said...

Sadly, this incident took place at a critical point in the network. Trains couldn't leave the yard in Mimico to get to their starting points to go into service. Only a handful of Lakeshore trains which are stored overnight at the Oshawa Station and Henry Street Yard in Whitby could start their runs.

What's needed is larger layover yards at the end of the line and around Union Station so fewer trains have to run empty to get to the start of their runs, and a better rail safety campaign to help people understand the dangers of trespassing on the tracks. We also need to think about more safe pedestrian crossings so people don't have to cut across the tracks in the first place. Also, if this was a suicide, then society needs to start talking seriously about mental illness and suicidal behavior - no matter how unpleasant the subject.