Oct 11, 2007

Rider happy with DRT routes

The following appeared on newsdurhamregion.com.

To the editor:

Re: Terry Price letter, 'Durham transit needs to address routes'.

I must respectfully disagree with the assessment of Durham Region Transit, especially in Ajax.

I am a regular user and am happy with Ajax routes. The concept of public transit is 'serve the masses' and the majority of DRT users are GO Transit users and high school students. There are hundreds of daily Elm Route riders who might object to having their route eliminated. As well, there already are "real" bus routes on Kingston Road (partnering with GO), Taunton (from Oshawa to the Pickering GO station via Westney and Bayly), Rossland (from Oshawa to the Ajax GO station via Harwood) and Ajax/Pickering (Liverpool, Kingston, Westney, Bayly) throughout the day. They are on a steady schedule not aligned to GO Train departure/arrival times.

I take exception to his assertion that if you have a job in Toronto, you're rich enough to drive to the train station. Many families have one vehicle where one person must take a bus to the station since the other person drives. Not every job in Toronto is high paying, but there is not always a job in Durham, so people must go into Toronto to work. As well, most students can only afford a bus to the station. The writer is obviously not thinking about the environment or gridlock, since driving to the station would pollute the air and cause traffic jams across Ajax. Traditionally, transit funding from federal and provincial levels has been ridiculously low for the 905 area, especially Durham Region.

If he has some constructive ideas about how to improve DRT across Durham given its limited funding, he should contact DRT through its website, www.durhamregiontransit.com.

Caryn Antram


PS: You can expect to see changes to the routes in 2008.


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David Harrison said...

It's good to hear that Ajax and Pickering route reorganization will finally happen - although 2008 is a year too late after it was initially promised for 2007. I have a hard time understanding why near revenue-neutral implementations take forever, unless they are planning something more substantial.