Oct 6, 2007

Report revives road tolls

It's nice to see we have someone in charge at GO Transit and the GTTA that is making sense. GO Chair and GTTA vice-chair Peter Smith has the awareness and understanding of the problems that road tolls will will cause without a more than adequate transit system in place.

The bigger problem may be how to meet the sudden increase in demand tolling would produce.

Already, TTC ridership is breaking records, and GO Transit just passed a major milestone in the 12 months from July 2006 – 50 million annual riders. Officials at both admit they aren't supplying enough service to meet the demand.

So if more people are taxed onto transit, where are they going to go, wonders GO board chair and GTTA vice-chair Peter Smith.

"We already have people standing from Hamilton to Union Station," he said, adding he's not opposed in principle, but, "the last thing we need to do is impose congestion taxes in the absence of expanding the transit system."

TheStar.com | News | Report revives road tolls.

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