Oct 8, 2007

New boss on Mississauga Transit

According to the The Toronto Star, Geoff Marinoff has been hired as Director of Mississauga Transit. He left his former job of Deputy General Manager, Subway Operations TTC. In the article he appears to have an excellent awareness of how urban transit should operate. I like his comment that a subway gives riders a spine of frequent service. Personally I have always preferred a subway over light rail or BRT.


Karem Allen said...

In places like Durham and Mississauga though what is the best way to get to the spine? So many would be too far away with the subdivisions but at least Mississauga also has large concentration of Condos and Higher denisty housing.

Durham does not have that and I really irks me to continue to see such low density on this Higher order corridors.

Why is Whitby allowed to build single family homes on Taunton?

The Miles Park development in Ajax should be a series of lower rise buildings in my personal opinion.
There is enough single family homes in areas farther from these main roads.

Why does Durham- Ajax in particular resist building condos and such?

I mean High Rise ?

David Harrison said...

Sad to say, Karem, but people aren't moving to Durham to live in a condo. They are moving here to get a house cheaper than they can elsewhere, or to get more house/land for their money.