Oct 7, 2007

Hwy. 2 BRT?

Last week two consultants showed up at the DRT Ajax garage. They said they were doing a feasibility study for Go Transit of a Bus Rapid Transit along the Hwy. 2 corridor. At this point in time they were questioning drivers about areas on Hwy. 2 that were delaying buses. They spent a number of hours listening to the driver's concerns.

Nothing bugs me more than having an employer that deliberately throws up roadblocks to one of their departments. In this case Durham Region the owner of Durham Region Transit is spending millions of $$$ on transit. They also own the majority of traffic lights in the Region and they are making very little effort to make the system transit friendly. Myself along with other drivers pointed out areas that require a very simple fix to this problem. I really don't believe that Durham Region will opt for the simple way to set things right.

Anyway back to the BRT. After I questioning the consultants, it became very clear that the BRT is still in the very early stages of planning.

Below I have included some photos and information about a BRT that is already operating in Europe.

The Phileas BRT (Bus Rapid Transport) vehicle, developed by the Dutch company Advanced Public Transport Systems (APTS) can drive itself automatically on a dedicated track as well as being manually driven on normal roads. The Phileas system is already in use since 2004. A hybrid-electric drive makes the vehicle up to 30 per cent more fuel efficient than other buses of comparable size.

In semi-automatic mode the driver accelerates and brakes manually, while the vehicle steers itself. In automatic mode all three functions are performed by the vehicle with speeds up to 70 kilometres per hour (44 mph). An electronic guidance system is following the magnetic markers mounted every 4 to 5 metres in the road surface for reference. If deviations of more than half a metre (1.6 ft) occur, either in automatic or semi-automatic mode, the vehicle is automatically stopped.

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Karem Allen said...

Wow that is cool.

Keep me up to date with the inside scoop on this.

I saw the intitial big picture vague presentation at the last TAC.

Im going to the Transit Executive meeting next Wed.