Oct 26, 2007

DRT Transit Map

Durham Region transit has released a system wide map of their routes. This is something that has been over due, but it was worth the wait. It is a large size map and printed on both sides. It is similar in size to a road map of Ontario. The size is a good choice by the planners. The large size places a lesser strain on people (like myself) that have a closeup vision that is fading. It is also the first map in print that includes the complete R-9 Rouge Hill route.

This is much more than a route map. You can find a explanatory list of the symbols on a map that contains information if route runs AM or PM rush, midday, evening, Saturday or Sunday. You can find a list of ticket sales locations. They are listed according to district. This map, is a job well done by the planners.

The image below is only a small portion of the map. You should be able to get the maps from your driver.

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Anonymous said...

The system route map is a great way to inform the public of all the routes in the Region.
Kudos to the Transit Planning Department for their efforts.