Oct 30, 2007

Customer Surveys 2007

Beginning Oct. 29, DRT will be conducting their annual customer survey program. The survey will be available to passengers on all DRT buses and at ticket sale locations throughout the region . The survey is also available online.

You can also read the News Advertiser report online.

Unfortunately, I think the survey may not be asking all of the right questions. It is only meant for present users. It does not address the problem of none users. Understanding why people are not using local transit should be a factor in DRT surveys. There is nothing in the online survey that gives you chance to leave comments.


David Harrison said...

Agreed completely, Andy. It's also very strange that given their stated goal of going demographic analysis, they are not asking questions about where respondents live, how much they make, how many cars they own, how old they are, etc.

I'm glad to see the survey, but unfortunately their requirement to do this inhouse seems to be costing them the experience of professional survey organizations.

Karem Allen said...

I did not know it was in house, I thought they were paying an outside company.

Yes the big questions are not there.

Anonymous said...

I find it odd that a questionaire does not have a comment section!! Any other I have fille in does.
The questions also leave a lot to be desired. Looks to me like they are seeking specific answers only.