Sep 12, 2007

Revisit The Step Back System

The problem of implementing a “Step Back System” on Route 915 has been resolved. The order came down on September 11, that drivers will no longer be required to off load passengers mid route and return the bus garage. This is win win situation for DRT customers.


Anonymous said...

Well, Andy, it seems your Blog is a better communicator to upper management at DRT than any other method at hand. The Route 915 Step Back system is in and working shortly after your article appeared.
Now, I wonder if you can do something about the rush hour service.
Just today, the 06:45 and the 07:10 from Pickering to Durham College were both full and ran express from Westney and Hwy #2 (the 06:45)and Westney and Rossland (the 07:10). This is pretty well a daily occurance.
This results in some customers from Westney and Taunton to Oshawa having to wait about 45 minutes for another Route 915 bus to come along that has room for them to get on. There have been suggestions from management to have people get off the 915 at Ajax and take the 916 (an additional 25 minutes to get to the college)or they can get off at Simcoe and hope there is space on a bus on the Simcoe route. This would free up space from Ajax on. One would think that the solution might be to have additional buses at the ready to take over from where the buses become full. Or how about turning a 916 into a 915 at Ajax having fewer customers having to wait for 2 or 3 buses to come by to get on?
Anyway, see what you can do about this.

Karem Allen said...

Hey what time on September 11th?

I posted about it and a link to here on September 11th at 8:45 pm though.

Gee maybe we actually accomplished something?

David Harrison said...

Anonymous, I'd vote in favour of simply running 915 at 10 minute intervals from 6:30 to 7:30 each morning. Improved regularly scheduled service is always better than having additional buses ready, since it provides more departure times and is more predictable for customers.

Anonymous said...

Regarding David's comment about 10 minute service, it certainly would be the way to go but DRT is short of both buses and drivers and with the potential $2 million deficit, I can't see that happening anytime soon unless they take equipment and drivers from other less used runs.

Anonymous said...

The solution is very simple although it could take time to implement. Try this on folks...there is talk of the Rt 10 meeting its end. They run half hourly so use the operators and those buses to run "clean up" for the 915 during the a.m. rush. Once at the college they dead head back via the quickest route and remain out there in the event "something else" happens. The crews shouldn't have to be changed too much. The personel and the vehicles are already in place so no need to hire or purchase other equipment. Or if the bus isn't needed that particular morning then simply remain as standby. The customers deserve this since they are relying on this bus system, many of whom are students and can't afford the cost of a car to boot. Let's keep our customers moving and happy.