Sep 22, 2007

GO TRANSIT on-time service status

Go Transit had this posted on their train and bus on-time status web page.

Here is the information we have to report at 19:52, September 21, 2007:

GO train service is currently operating on time with the
following exceptions:

Because of yesterday evening’s events, some train crew members have now exceeded federal regulations limiting the number of hours they can work. We will make every effort, along with CN, to avoid delays.

GO TRANSIT on-time service status.


Andrae Griffith said...

I was at Wilson Station today and I noticed a fair number of Oshawa Hwy 2 and Brampton Local buses in strange places. The Oshawa bus was on Wilson Avenue while the Brampton Local bus was on the northbound Allen - both should have been on the 401.

Since GO is going ahead with the re-contracting of the crews, and since CN is not bidding, do you think the new contractor will bring the end of the train staffing problems?

Andy said...

Andra, most companies have their absenteeism under control. When I worked for TTC the management team worked hard at this problem. Sometimes too hard.
As long as Go Transit chooses to contract their work out, they lose direct control over the work force. Go trains are like the subway. It takes more than one person to operate them. If for any reason one person of that crew does not show up, it will be a no go for that train. There has to be spares on hand to fill in.
We will have to wait and see what the new contractor may or not do.