Jul 14, 2007

Station Modernization Program

The Toronto Transit Commission has announced a program to modernize their more than forty year old subway stations. This will be part of a $100 million modernization program.

"Passengers will find the Station Modernization Program dramatically improves station environments, making them brighter, more attractive, and easier to use. Just as importantly, it will make it easier for the TTC to keep these stations cleaner," said Chair Giambrone.

This brings me to ask the question, "When can we expect Go Transit to start the modernization the Pickering and Ajax Go Station bus loops”? DRT and Go Transit have expanded their service and the number of routes that service these stations. This has resulted in the loops being over crowded with buses. Because these loops, serve as transit hub, they are very  important to DRT and Go Transit.

Ajax Go Station needs a separate exit for buses. The present system of the cars exiting from the parking lot mixed in with the buses, does nothing to enhance public transit. I thought that Go transit would consider making the loop more compact by bring the bus platforms closer to the ticket booth and track entrance. After examining the improvements being made to the kiss and ride area I can see that this will not be possible. Go Transit again has giving the automobile preference over local public transit. This follows an recent $830,000 expansion to the parking lot by 270 spaces. That is well over $3,000 per car. The lots are so big, that most Go Transit customers are walking a greater distance from their cars, to the train, than they would from their homes, to local transit. (Notice also that the freight trains run closer to the station than the Go trains.)

Pickering Go Station needs an expansion to accommodate all the new routes. Go Transit operates a number of routes from the station that service the Universities and Colleges in the GTA. Add the DRT buses with their new routes and the station becomes over crowed with buses. Some DRT routes have to double up on the platforms.

When and if the construction begins there has to be more attention to the difficulty that bus drivers have aligning and maneuvering the buses up to platforms. Very little thought is give to this problem. It is about time that Go Transit got on the go, and begins modernization of these two loops.

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Karem Allen said...

Very good post. I saw the result and thought ok- all this and all they did was change the direction the cars sit and wait in.

They give the cars the right of way I guess to prevent them from backing up Westney too much.

When the buses are ready to leave they should not have to sit and wait to make their left to get out.

What is the ultimate plan for this station? The kiss and ride work was just the beginning I think. I saw construction bulldozers of some sort behind the back guardrail area. Are they expanding the parking in the lot on the west side of the bus platforms into what is currently trees?