Jul 21, 2007

Massive cuts - fare hike for TTC

After the referral of his two proposed taxes on Monday, Mayor David Miller asked the city's managers to find $100-million in cuts this year alone. The TTC is now looking at shutting down the Sheppard subway line and other cuts to bus service in order to meet the Mayor’s request. After all this, I am appalled, to see that Toronto City Council came up with $1.2 million to purchase the Theatre Passe Muraille and then leasing it back to the theatre group for $2.00 a year.

Asking the TTC to make cuts to the transit service would be same as discontinuing the blue box or the green box program to save money. Toronto needs to get it’s act together and stop the foolish spending. Again I mention the Ontario Government needs to step in pay their fair share to the cities.

The ridership on the TTC is at an an all time high and the numbers are still going up. Let's try and keep Toronto's transit on it's roll. No cuts to TTC service.

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