Jun 23, 2007

Luminators and bus stops

On Friday afternoon, I was at the DRT Pickering base. This is a bus storage facility that The City of Pickering Works Department shares with DRT. This garage has a no nonsense lead hand (Louie) in charge. He showed me a pleasant surprise. All of the buses with luminators have been updated to reflect the new 915 and 916 routes. In addition, the Ajax routes have a route number and name. Another bonus is that the Audley North and South route are back into the luminator program. I am sure that David Harrison will be happy to hear this news.

Did anyone notice the change to the bus stops at the Ajax Go Station? As of Friday last, the route names were removed from the stops at the bus platforms. They have been replaced with stops that have the route number only. The same thing has happened at the Ajax Plaza Terminal and the Pickering Go Station.

Take note that the new R-916 Rossland route when traveling on Harwood will not enter the Ajax Plaza Terminal. North and south bus stops will be located on the street.


Karem Allen said...

So how am I going to Find Elm?

What number is it then?

I expect chaos on Monday? That is why I did not post much about it-- I did not want to add to the confusion. :)

David Harrison said...

I noticed the reprogrammed signs yesterday. It's nice to see the route numbers on the signs. It's a small thing, but small things matter and don't cost a lot of money.

I'm not so sure about the new stop signs. I wish they had used the format used in various places in Oshawa, with both the route number and name. But at least they're all consistent, and the night/Sunday routes are shown, and that's worth something.

PS, the May advisory committee meeting minutes have finally been posted, and they confirm that Pickering/Ajax routes are likely to see some realignment this year. Their stated intent is to do things gradually to avoid large scale confusion.

Anonymous said...

Just wait until September (could be December) when they change route numbers to reflect their origin ie. 100 - Pickering Routes
200 - Ajax Routes
300 - Whitby Routes
400 - Oshawa Routes
900 - Regional Routes

Al said...

Do you think many people will miss their bus because they will be waiting in the Ajax Plaza and the bus stops on the street even though the web site schedule says Ajax Plaza?

Anonymous said...

I recently met the person responsible for "planning" the new route 916. I voiced my opinion that stopping outside the Ajax Plaza wasn't a safe idea. I can see people running across the street as "we" travel in either direction. Not too mention the motorists out there that aren't "paying attention" and might end up in the back of the bus. Harwood is a busy street. I have only 5 years driving experience with the Transit sytem of Ajax, therefore I have, obviously, no idea what I am talking about. Godspeed to our "passengers".

David Harrison said...

anonymous, whoever you are: DRT has only publicly stated that route numbers are being changed as routes are changed. Is there any indication that DRT is planning a bulk change of route numbers this year?

Not that it's a bad idea; I would rather see them get it over with than dribble out the changes over a number of years.

Anna said...

Thanks Andy for the info on the Rossland bus. The other day I was wondering why it wasn't entering the the Plaza. I am sooo excited about the changes. Join Facebook and the Durham Region Transit Riders group!