Jun 20, 2007

It's not written in stone

If you make a visit to DRT’s web page, you will soon find out that some things are not written in stone. Durham Region Transit has made changes to the routing of the 916 Rossland. As posted earlier the route from Ajax Go Station was going to go south on Westney, east on Bayly St. and then north on Harwood Ave. to Rossland. Without fanfare it has now been changed… from Ajax GO Station via Fairall, Dowty, Hunt, Harwood, and Rossland. The reverse route will apply on the westbound trip to Ajax Go Station.

In addition, any customers that used to get off or on the R and M-40 Applecroft near Woodcock should take note that this stop will no longer be serviced.

There will no longer be any bus service on Chapman between Old Harwood and Coles. The M-40 will no longer enter the Durham Center. This is because of the new revised routing that begins on June 25, 2007. I would suggest that your best bet would be to walk to Hardwood and board the R-916 Rossland. The service on Harwood runs every 20 minutes.



Karem Allen said...

Why would they change it 5 days before the start? At least they should do what GO did and start with what was promoted to the public and then tweek perhaps as needed.

So is this revised change good or useless?

Did it perhaps remove some overlap on Bayly from other routes?

I find Ajax routes very difficult to understand still, I only know the one that I ride. I know that is bad but it is just such a spagetti system and switching directions based on day and time that there is no point in memorizing anything. I just know if I see buses at the GO I can get on one and I can set my watch to the Elm Street bus going by my house (during the week)

Andy said...

The original route proposal surprised me. I know that the operators are concerned with the traffic delay in the southbound left turn lane onto eastbound Bayly. The revised routing gives the Rossland passengers a more direct route to the Go Station. There should have been something on the DRT web page to catch your attention about the change. Instead, the reader is left to find the change.

DRT's communication with customers is not good enough. The operators have been handing out pamphlets that have the new routings and schedules. In the meantime, the new bus stops have been installed. One way of attracting new customers is to place a notice on the new stops. This would explain to potential rides of why the bus stops are there.

David Harrison said...

It also looks like 915 Taunton will not be entering Ajax GO Station. It will pass by the station on Westney, so customers will have to walk into the station for connections.

Any information on why the "straightening out" of Ajax and Pickering routes proposed back in January did not happen?

Andy said...

David the 915 Taunton will be entering the Ajax Go Station, both directions. Looking at the DRT map on their web page would explain why you would believe the bus was not entering the station. There might be some confusion because the east and westbound buses will be stopping at the same platform. I have not seen the route signs to see if they will inform passengers of the direction traveled. If it is anything like the former R-101, the signs will not help. You will be able to board the R-915 at the present R-10 platform.

Expect to see an attempt to convert routes to the grid system before the end of the year. It appears that the R-10 will be eliminated.

David Harrison said...

Thanks, Andy. Rationalization of routes in Ajax and Pickering will really help the system. And you're absolutely right that the new 915/916 routes make the R10 Ajax rather redundant.

Simon Tonekham said...

As a Durham Region Transit rider myself, I’m quite excited that these new routes will be coming into play.

I’m talking about the new 915 Taunton and 916 Rossland routes. I understand that the 915 Taunton will start off from the Pickering GO station and terminate at Durham College/UOIT. Will the 915 route serve the Pickering Flea Market (opens every weekend) just like the 10 (or unofficially the 110) Ajax?

Usually when I want to go to the flea market, I took the 10 Ajax to the Pickering Flea Market. If I want to go back to Ajax, I have these options:

1) Take the 1 (or 101) Industrial route from the intersection of Bayly and Squires Beach and get off at the stop on Hwy. 2 and Glennana. Take the Oshawa Hwy. 2 GO Bus Route to Ajax (this option requires a DRT ticket, transfer or pass to use the GO bus service - within Durham only).

2) Take the 1 (or 101) Industrial route from the intersection of Bayly and Squires Beach and get off at the Pickering Town Centre. Board the 110 Ajax and get off at Westney Road in Ajax.

3) Take the 1 (or 101) Industrial route from the intersection of Bayly and Squires Beach and get off at the Pickering Town Centre. Take the Flag Bus 1 (community bus) and get off at Ritchie/Chapman and Hwy. 2.

I usually take the first option because of the time savings that I have. In the past, I used to stop off at the Ajax GO station and wait for the 40 (or 240 unofficially) Applecroft and then get off at Chapman and walk south (I live near where Lord Elgin public school is).

Back to the 915 situation, if I want to go to Durham College/UOIT (no, I don’t have a dorm there) from the Pickering Flea Market, then I have to take the long way (since in my humble opinion, it would be illogical and silly to put a stop on Bayly and Squires Beach in Pickering for the 915 heading eastbound):

Board the 101 Industrial route from Squires Beach and then drop off at Pickering GO station and transfer to the 915 Taunton East route from there.

It doesn’t hurt if I ask the driver if he/she is heading back east towards Oshawa, in my humble opinion.

The 915 route on the otherhand will be very useful for Flea Market goers - especially on Sundays. In the past they have to take the 183 every Sunday just to go to the Flea Market (in Pickering). Sometimes that route can be a little confusing, though. As for the 180, it passes by the flea market, but it doesn’t stop………

Any views on the information that I gave out to you?

Andy said...

I notice last Friday that there is a lack of an eastbound bus stop at Squires Beach. I pointed it out to two of my supervisors. Regrettable, DRT is not know for it's speed to rectify defects. After 14 months they just fixed all of the bus at the Pickering Go Station.