Jun 14, 2007

CUTA presents 2007 National Corporate Recognition Awards

The Canadian Urban Transit Association (CUTA) represents the public transit community in Canada and they have just completed their annual conference of 2007. At this conference CUTA presented the National Corporate Recognition Awards. These awards are based on the recommendation of individual employees to recognize a major contribution or an outstanding achievement in the areas of Safety, Innovation and Outstanding Achievement/Exceptional Performance on behalf of the local transit system. This year's recipients are:

  • Charlottetown Transit System - Increasing Ridership by Forming Partnerships

  • GO Transit, Agence métropolitaine de transport and Société de transport de Laval - Providing assistance to Québec commuters

  • Thunder Bay Transit - Conventional Transit System 100% Fully Accessible

  • Toronto Transit Commission - Operation Doolittle: Counterfeit Fare Media Investigation

  • Transit Windsor - International Transfer Exchange between Windsor and Detroit

  • Whistler and Valley Express (WAVE) Transit System - Whistler Transit Ltd., Resort Municipality of Whistler and BC Transit - WAVE Holiday Annual Ridership Performance

Read the full report here...

After reading the report I was disappointed to see that Regina Transit received an award for a full advertising wrap on one of their buses. A wrap that covers up the windows is safety hazard. At the request of some local police forces these wraps have been banned. If the police have a situation occurring on a bus that they are not able to see what is happening inside the vehicle, (remember tinted windows on cars) this could place the police and public in harms way. Ad-wrapped buses are dark inside--on a bright day, walking onto one of those buses can be like stepping into a cave until your eyes adjust. The wraps block views from the windows, too: looking out through the layer of mesh covering the window severely limits visibility, a mere annoyance if you're simply trying to enjoy the view, but a real pain if you're on an unfamiliar route and are on the lookout for addresses or landmarks.

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Karem Allen said...

I wondered what views were like on these. I think at times it goes overboard.

Can I get my car wrapped? do they do that ? :) pay me and I would do it.