Jun 6, 2007

Clean Air Day

Today is not only the anniversary of D-Day but is also Clean Air Day in Canada. Along with the Toronto Transit Commission the residents in the city of Belleville are also now being told which days are the most opportune for them to use the transit system. The large digital signs (luminator) on the front of buses have recently begun informing people when a smog alert is in effect for the city. Accompanied with short sayings such as “Go Green, Go Transit” the local system is trying to show people that they can do their part to reduce emissions. The Government of Canada has proclaimed this week, June 3 to 9, as Environment Week. Today Burlington, Guelph and Kingston Transit offer passengers free rides. This year DRT is holding a photography contest that depicts using public transportation instead of driving a car.


Karem Allen said...

Gee I wonder if we have any pics of people falling at bus stops.

Karem Allen said...

I am very cynical on these photo op proclamations.

They are nice and all but they do not put enough real change behind them.

It is Clean air day or it is earth day and local gov'ts will do nice activities but not do much else the rest of the year.

Did you know that the Tim Hortons at the Regional Centre does not even have mugs? The cups can not be recycled.

I saw no signage that encourages staff to bring their own mug in and perhaps have a discount on the coffee.

So on clean air day there is a garbage truck somewhere full of the cups driving.

Andy said...

Are serious? Durham Region has no green bins at the Ivory Tower.