May 18, 2007

Will streetcars make a return to Montreal?

In 1974 I was in Montreal on business. At that time, the transit officials were bragging about how they had got rid of all of their streetcar routes and replace them with buses. With over thirty years passing, things are a changing.The mayor of Montreal might want to fix the city's modern transit problems with an old solution.

GĂ©rald Tremblay has visit Paris, where officials are planning to use streetcars to reduce car traffic and pollution.

And now, the mayor is promoting the idea as a solution to Montreal's traffic problems.

At one time, streetcars made their way up and down Montreal's streets. But in the late 1950s, the tracks were paved over.

The plan carries a $8-billion price tag.

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Montreal unveils ambitious transit plan

The Gazette

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