May 17, 2007

King County Metro Transit and hybrid bus

King County Metro Transit in Seattle, Washington plans to buy up to 500 new hybrid buses. It made the announcement May 17, 2007.The first order of 22 hybrid buses will arrive in 2008, at a cost of $719,000 each.

The buses will be built by New Flyer of America, using a hybrid drive built by General Motors and an engine built by Cummins.

They will be purchased, in part, with a sales-tax increase that voters approved last fall to increase bus trips county wide.

In 2006, Metro said that if the Transit Now ballot measure passed, the agency would buy 190 buses in the first two years, and half would be hybrids.


My comment: It seems to me that the Americans are jumping ahead of Canada when it comes to environment public transit related issues. In fact, I find that when I travel in the USA I notice that the two countries have change. The roads in Canada have now become run down and the cities and towns are dirty. Whereas south of the border the Americans have cleaned up their act. There is also a big push in the US for Bus Rapid Transit.

The King County Metro Transit has only two doors. This results in longer dwell time at bus stops.
New Flyer built for Canadian Systems often have the third set of doors on them.

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