May 12, 2007

Bus Rapid Transit network

In recent days there have talks of future Bus Rapid Transit networks within the Greater Toronto area. One being in Stoney Creek and the other following the Don Valley Parkway.

The first one Hamilton politicians have approved a 20-year agreement with the owners of Eastgate Mall to construct an Eastgate Transit Terminal at Eastgate Square. This will be done at a projected cost of $1.6 million. The terminal will be used with the City of Hamilton’s BRT plans

The DVP plan plan calls for Go Transit to run buses in a bus only lane from from the 401 hwy to Bloor Street. GO Transit will pay the full cost, estimated at $12 million.

Previous analysis of a Don Mills - Don Valley Parkway and Don-Mills- Redway- Bayview Extension routings to Downtown Toronto have suggested 10-11% travel time savings.

The TTC used run express buses to and from the Scarborough Town Centre into downtown Toronto. This service cost the customer two fares each way. It ran via the 401 hwy, DVP to Richmound Street. It then ran west to York Street, south to Adelaide Street returning east to the DVP. This line was removed when the Scarborough Rapid Transit line was built. It was not a true BRT because it did not have it’s own right of way.


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