Mar 18, 2007

TTC light rail plan

I guess I should give my comments, on the Toronto Transit Commission’s LRT plans. I still say that LRT lines are not the better way in Toronto. They are only band-aids for a much greater problem. The government planners are not showing any plans to control the population of the GTA. The planners will make sure that high rise buildings will be constructed along the route. They don’t care if the service can handle the flow of people. Because of this, the LRT will be imperfectly developed, especially in comparison with a subway system.

The Toronto Sun newspaper in their editorial of March 17 summed it up best.

“Before we speed forward, the TTC has to prove to us on St. Clair that light rail can be faster than the buses, can help the neighbourhoods it's going through and can be built economically”.

To me economically should not mean cheaper.

Read more about the politics involved with transit.

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