Mar 7, 2007

TTC chair frustrated by funding decisions

This report is interesting due the fact that TTC chair and city councilor Adam Giambrone is not satisfied of how the new cash ($962 million each) from the Provincial and Federal governments will be spent. He would have spent half completing the Sheppard line and the other half-building light rapid transit systems criss crossing the city.
I believe that Adam Giambrone this in case would know better than Premier Dalton McGuinty and Prime Minister Stephen Harper. Out the three, he is the only one that actually uses public transit.

Personally, I have no faith in Light Rail Transit... but I do believe that completing the Sheppard Subway would have been a good deal.

Read the full report here.


Karem Allen said...

Why do you not have faith in LRT? Steve Munro is a big fan of it. I agree subways are to expensive and the one in York REgion is a politician stating-- "Look at me and what I did for you"

Steve Parish here in Ajax denouncing the funding shortfall- made me mad-- this Mayor has not responded to a single communication I have sent in terms of Transit- not one. He has no mind towards Transit at all and does not give a rats ass about Transit in Durham--

Andy said...

I do not have faith in LRT because the need soon outgrows the system. Just look at the SRT turkey in Scarborough. Ridership is well over capacity. LRT are only band-aids. They take the cheapest way out and the system soon becomes obsolete.

karem Allen said...

What is your idea transit solutions aside from the ulitmate travel by way of "Beam me up" and get vapourized and reassembled at the other end :)

Andy said...

Karem, I will post answer to your question on my blog.