Mar 9, 2007

Trolley penalties

TransLink of Vancouver has dinged New Flyer Industries with a $250,000 penalty for the trouble it’s having with 50 new electric trolleys. The trolleys remain off the road after initial trouble with power steering led to the discovery of other problems. TransLink is refusing to accept delivery of any more trolleys from New Flyer until the problems are solved, officials told the board Monday. Repair work is being done under warranty at no cost to TransLink. TransLink is buying a total of 228 trolleys at a cost of $276 million. At more than $1.2 million each, they’re three times more expensive than buying diesel buses.

They’ll replace the current trolley fleet, a decision made to continue the pollution-free electric bus tradition in Burnaby. Old trolleys are to remain in service until the problems are fixed. It’s hoped 20 of the trolleys could be repaired and in operation by late March.

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