Mar 12, 2007

A subway for a rare few

An interesting article appeared in the Comment section of The Sunday Sun of March 11, 2007. Written by Rob Granatstein editor. He has raised concerns about the York University subway extension.

1. He points out that 1,650 buses a day, accounting for more than 40,000 daily trips to York University. That’s a lot of trips!

2. The subway will tunnel through 5 km of dead industrial territory.

3. There’s a low population between Wilson Station and York.

4. This not what the TTC wanted. Their goal is to put transit where it's both needed and there's the most potential for future expansion.

It looks like people are starting to take note that this is a political decision. So this means that there is no rhyme or reason to it. Over my years working in transit I have seen a number projects go astray because of government getting involved. Will this subway extension be another one?

Read the full comment here.

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