Mar 17, 2007

Retired bus

After reading
David Harrison's
post about DRT retiring it's 30 ft. buses I thought I should post some photos before they are gone. This one is 8042 an Orion I from 1984. It still has the original colours from Pickering Transit.
This is what is left of the inside. The bus is being gutted for parts.


Adrian Badaraco said...

Sorry for the late comment. I just found this article. Thanks for sharing the pictures. As I look at those photos and the ones I took of them in service, I can't help but feel a little sad to see those 30 foot Orion Is go.
Also noticed that 8034, 8039, and 8044 have made it to the dead row. Will miss those too! Also noticed 8025 is there, is that one gone for good too?

Andy said...

Bus 8025 has been involved in an accident. A car came through a red light and broadside the bus.