Mar 22, 2007

DRT new and improved service coming soon

You can’t expect some route changes at Durham Region Transit.

  1. Dial-a-Ride in Whitby will be eliminated.

  2. Both the Rossland West and the Taunton West will be extended into Ajax and Pickering.
I’m sure that Karem Allen of Transit Nightmares will be happy with the extensions of the east west routes.


Karem Allen said...

Yes, it will be a good start. They outlined this route at the Public information session.

David Harrison said...

I'm not sure how much of this will be approved in the budget, although we should know fairly shortly as the budget process is now in progress. But this is what they talked about in January:

* The Rossland/Taunton belt service will be split into two routes, also replacing Campus 101.
o Taunton: UOIT to Westney, then south to Ajax GO, then along Bayly to Pickering GO:
o Rossland: UOIT along Taunton eastward, south to Rossland, west to Harwood, then to Ajax GO.
o Eventually they intend to extend these routes westward into Toronto
* Two routes will connect from Pickering GO to U of T Scarborough, one running along Finch and the other along Bayly. This finally provides connections to TTC routes.
* There is a possibility of two more rush hour routes from Pickering to Rouge Hill GO.
* Whitby evening/Sunday service will use same routes as weekday, with no more big loops.
* The Whitby industrial area dial-a-ride will be replaced with a fixed route.
* Service to Brooklin will be extended to the evening.
* Service along Townline will be extended north to UOIT.
* Routes in Clarington will be reorganized for simplicity.
* Bloor/Victoria will be extended into Clarington
o Note that westward extension into Ajax and Pickering appears to be waiting for the widening of Bayly between Shoal Point Rd and Seaboard Gate.
* Weekday service will be provided every two hours from UOIT to Port Perry and then to Uxbridge
* In Ajax and Pickering, many routes will be modified to eliminate large one way loops in favour of two-way service on the same road (eg. on routes like Village). Some loops will remain, but they will generally be much smaller.
* Dozens of routes will designated for all day service (eg. Finch, Bayly, Stroud (new route), Bay Ridges, Taunton, Rossland, Duffins, Harwood). More in Oshawa and Whitby but I didn’t write them down.
* Routing at all times of the day, rather than having different routings during rush hour or on weekends.